Last Update: November 14th, 2020

Please note that my gear in this picture it NOT best in slot. I am still missing some gear form 3 star hunts. I talk about what IS best in slot in the gear section.

This website is still under construction, it is mostly complete except for a few minor adjustments and the Soulweaver tab, which is coming soon! Please be patient!

My name is Charisma and I’ve been playing Neverwinter since the end of Mod 4. I have played a Warlock for a long, long time and I’ve seen the game change a lot over the years. This guide is a culmination of information gathered and tested by many individuals (including myself) over a long period of time. We have put a lot of work into testing new and old gear, crunching numbers, and theory crafting. That being said, this guide should be used as a starting point. The best warlocks will take the information contained here and tweak it slightly to fit their needs and play style.

Why a Warlock?

Warlocks in general have been a very volatile class in Neverwinter’s history seeing the highest highs and lowest lows while almost always being broken. That being said, the class is in a much better spot right now. Major bugs have been fixed and after a couple major reworks to the class we don’t have to rely on companions for 90% of our outgoing DPS anymore! There’s still a ways to go before anyone would consider Warlocks to be the best DPS class, but we are headed in the right direction. The class is a lot of fun and extremely versatile allowing the Warlock to swap between pure DPS and pure Healing whenever they want!

Have any questions? Comments? You can leave a comment on this website and I’ll reply ASAP, or you can feel free to PM me in game.


I also post YouTube content here if you’re interested:

Now that Introductions are out of the way, use the tabs above to view the guide!


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