Boons are extremely important in Neverwinter and provide permanent bonuses for completing campaigns. Maxing out how many boons you have will take months or work, but its worth it. I currently am still missing 2 boons from Avernus, but I will update this page when I have all boons completed in the next two weeks.


The last two boons I’m missing will be used to max out Cultist Power on the bottom row.

Master Boon:

At first glance Focused Retaliation might seem like an odd choice. This Master Boon is significantly out performing the only other logical choice Blood Lust because the damage reflected back can be so high in instances like Zariel or ToMM.

Boons to Prioritize:

While gearing you wont have access to all boons right away. I would strongly recommend prioritizing the Power boons (Squire’s Training, Knights Training, ect.) and any other stats you need to hit the stat caps listed in the Gear tab of this guide. Demonic and Undead Mastery are also boons I would recommend prioritizing early. Remember not to neglect Maximum HP either if you’re planning on running content like ToMM or Zariel.

Guild Boons:

Guild boons are extremely powerful and using the correct boons is important. There is some variation on what’s best because it varies based on player power level, but I will detail how to know which to use below:

Offense Boon:

Here is where you will have to do some calculations. In a vast majority of cases, the Critical Severity boon will be best. Below is a table showing what boon is best to use given a set amount of power and Critical Severity. These numbers assume you do not have an offense boon already equipped.






Critical Severity:

Under 125%

Under 140%

Under 160%

Under 180%

Best Boon:

Crit Sev

Crit Sev

Crit Sev

Crit Sev

If you have, for example, 160,000 Power but are over 125% Crit Severity, use power. Most Warlocks will find that Crit Sev is very hard for us to stack. At most I usually sit around 150-160% depending on buffs and leaving room for my guild to level up it’s Crit Sev boon fully. this means that it’s almost always more worth it to use the Crit Severity Boon over pure Power.

You can do calculations for your own specific stats using Janne’s Crit Sev Calculator here:

Defense Boon:

You will almost always want to use the Bonus Maximum Health boon. This boon is super important for content like Zariel and ToMM and helps us hit the 500,000 Health Minimum needed to run Zariel.

Utility Boon:

This is usually personal choice, but I know some people who swear by the Revive Sickness boon. I personally haven’t been in a guild that has that boon, so I haven’t used it yet. I personally use Mounted Move Speed.

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