The Xuna Question:

For those who aren’t aware, Xuna and the Abyssal Chicken are both doing an absurd amount of damage. When you have a build that centers around Xuna or the Abyssal Chicken it’s no exaggeration that they can deal upwards of 40% of your outgoing damage. I’ve seen reports of people claiming 80-90% of their total outgoing dps, but here is a chart of my DPS in a LoMM run from my DPS Fighter that is currently setup with a legendary Xuna and full Indomitable rank 12 Runestones:

Keep in mind here that my gear is not Best in Slot of this character, in fact it’s only ~28k ilvl. I’m mainly using this character as a way to experiment with Xuna and not ruin my current setup on the Warlock, since in order to get these kind of results you need to alter your build dramatically.

This is obviously some crazy value from a companion, but the question is “is it worth it to use Xuna now?”


Xuna can deal amazing DPS on it’s own, that’s true, but it’s currently extremely expensive and if you believe Cryptic it’s soon to be nerfed. They mentioned reworking all striker companions to be around the same damage output, and that says to me that they will nerf Xuna and the Abyssal Chicken HARD. This is not undeserved. Considering that you need to run full Indomitable Runestones and adjust your gear to get full effectiveness out of a companion that will already cost you upwards of 4 Million AD just to purchase, then another 1 Million AD or the equivalent Upgrade Tokens to get to legendary, it’s just not worth the risk of losing all that investment when they change Xuna soon. Now, if we aren’t running Xuna or the Abyssal Chicken, what are we running?


My companion gear is NOT correct in this image, there ARE BETTER options than what I am using for companion gear, but since drops are purely random, I have been extremely unlucky and haven’t got my correct gear yet. I will talk about what gear you should be using below.

Summoned Companion:

Best: Bulette Pup – This augment companion gives you a bonus to Power and Combat Advantage when equipped, both very valuable stats for DPS. Combat Advantage is one of the harder stats for us to cap usually requiring us to use Companion Equipment to max it out.

Alternative: Quasit – This augment is a good replacement for the Bulette Pup, being cheap on the Zen Store and giving similar bonuses.
-Power and Defense Bonus just like the best in slot option.
-Easy(er) to obtain
-Accuracy Bonus vs the Combat Advantage of the Bulette Pup, which is an easier stat to cap.
-Zen Store Purchase (still cheaper on the Auction House than the Bulette Pup though!)

Other Companions:

Baby Deepcrow’s Presence: 8,000 Power bonus which translates to ~2.6% Damage Bonus when we have 200k Power or ~2.2% Damage when we have 250k Power. This is enough power to be worth using, we will talk about what might not be enough power to use later.

Batiri’s Wisdom: Gives us an extra 4% Damage bonus against Bosses which is amazing during Boss fights obviously, but also in ToMM and Zariel’s Challenge since they are just extended Boss fights.

Netherese Arcanist: Gives us a bonus 4% Damage to enemies not facing us. This is amazing for Zariel and ToMM since you can get very close to if not hit 100% uptime. This companion can struggle with trash pulls, since it can be a challenge to make sure things are facing away from you, but even if you only get ~50% uptime you’ll still beat the next companion in average efficiency.

Minstrel: This companion gives 4k power in a defense slot. The awareness is a bit of a wasted stat, but it’s still handy to have. An alternative would be Splinters from the Halloween event that’s going on right now for +4% Crit Severity, but if you’re above 125% Crit Sev and 200k Power Minstrel will almost always be better.

Alpha Compy: I cannot stress how amazing this companion is. +5% extra power everywhere and +10% in Chult (CoDG, ToNG, ect.) all on a Utility slot is insane value, but that’s why they are so expensive.

Optional Companions and Alternatives:

Tamed Velociraptor: It’s a very good idea to have one of these even if you don’t use it regularly. It is a nice companion for group content but it’s value is already limited when we have over 220k power. This limit is compounded by the fact that it requires all group members to have one to get full effectiveness. Unless you know your group is running 4 or 5 raptors it’s generally better to run Netherese Arcanist.

Splinters: Splinters is a good alternative to the Minstrel but remember to do the math and make sure that the Crit Severity is worth more to you than the extra 4,000 Power. In most cases, and in mine, the Crit Severity is worth ~0.5% of my outgoing damage less than the 4,000 Power making it better for me to use Minstrel. The difference either way will be really small.

Barbarian Shaman: This is a good cheap alternative to the Alpha Compy giving us some Combat Advantage and Power from our Utility Slot. This is good for players that are working towards an Alpha Compy, but want something useful in their Utility Slot while the save up.

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