The Most Important Thing to Remember…

Almost every stat in Neverwinter has some kind of cap. Any amount of stats above said cap are wasted stats and don’t give you any actual benefit. This is usually a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. Below are the stat caps listed with the most important stats for you to cap at the top. Remember that these caps are based on the content you are running, with Tower of the Mad Mage requiring the least amount of stats to be effective and Zariel’s Challenge requiring the most.


Armor Penetration:


Critical Strike:

Combat Advantage:



Tower of the Mad Mage:





No Cap


The Infernal Citadel:





No Cap


Zariel’s Challenge:





No Cap


Note: ToMM and Zariel’s Challenge both require a specific amount of maximum hit points to be completed, as there are un-avoidable AoE attacks that you will need enough maximum HP to survive. You want to strive for 400,000 to 450,000 health for ToMM and 500,000+ for Zariel’s Challenge.

If you want more info on how stats work…

If you look at my stats in this image you’ll notice I am over cap for Critical Strike and Accuracy, by a decent amount. This is because my Companion Equipment isn’t optimal, so I am over-cap. Always try to be above cap, rather than below but always try to be as close to the cap as possible!


I will list what gear is the best gear to be using in each slot and I will talk a little bit about why. Most of this gear is hard to obtain, and while I will list how to get it I will also add a couple easier to get alternatives to slot while you work on grinding out those Best in Slot pieces.



When talking about what helm is best it’s important to also talk about the context. I’ll list the best options for a few different scenarios but usually it’s best to try and get a hold of all of these and swap them out on the fly when the situation demands it.

Helm of the Skyblazer(Single target):

Helm of the Skyblazer is just like the previous top head piece, the Fancy Duelist Mask of Cormyr except better. It gives more base power, more defense, more Maximum HP, and more Combined Rating. We do lose Combat Advantage for Accuracy, which sucks since we have no problem hitting Accuracy caps, but the extra ~5,200 Power is more than worth it.

How to obtain:

The Helm of the Skyblazer drops from the 3 star hunt in Avernus. This means that in order to obtain this item you’re going to have to farm hunt lures until you can make the 3 star lure, then pray you get lucky and it drops first try. My advice is to get involved with your guild and split up the farming. Farming out a bunch of lures is more bearable as a group!

Alternatives: Fancy Duelist Mask of Cormyr from Juma bags in Vallenhas

Protégé’s Charmed Hat(ToMM):

The Protégé‘s hat gives us a flat 5% damage bonus is all of undermountain. ToMM is undermountain, so regardless of the stats we might lose by using such an old hat the 5% damage bonus is too good to pass up.

How to Obtain:

This hat can be bought for 400 Seals of the Deep which you get for completing REDQ and other epic dungeons making it one of the easiest pieces to get on this list.

Alternatives: None just buy the hat.

Blessed Whisper’s Hood of the Quiet/Blessed Divine Raid Hood(AoE or Dungeons):

The Whisper’s Hood at full stacks gives us more power than the Blessed Divine hood (13,048 from the WH vs 11,048 from BD) but it requires you to keep your stacks up in order to get this bonus. I’m still testing if the time spent stacking offsets the extra power gained but I will update this section when I know more.

How To Obtain:

The Whisper’s Hood of the Quiet can be obtained from t3 hunts in Avernus and the Divine Raid Hood can be purchased for Zariel’s Favor in the forge. Both can then be upgraded with Dutchess’s Blessings.

Alternatives: Lion’s Guard Raid Cowl is literally 10 item level and a very small amount of almost every stat below the Divine Raid Hood and makes a good alternative. As with all the Lion’s Guard gear this comes from TIC.


Scavenger’s Robes:

The Scavenger’s Robes are am amazing piece for any DPS really. It gives a massive amount of Power and while it’s a pain in the ass to farm it’s well worth it. A bonus 10% power is a massive bump in damage.

How to Obtain:

The Scavenger’s Robes drop from enemies inside Runic Corruption zones in Terminus, Terminus being a leveling zone from Undermountain. It has an extremely low drop chance, with some people reporting 40+ hours of grinding before a drop.

Alternatives: Ebony Stained Robes are a random drop from ME’s or other activities in Undermountain like LoMM.


Blessed Divine Raid Armlets:

The Blessed Divine Raid Armlets at full stacks give us 11,048 Power. Since Warlocks hit so often with our many Damage over Time effects we are almost always at full stacks. Its important to note that this is a very small upgrade to the Lion’s Guard Wrists that were previously Best in Slot. I’m talking a ~50 Power total upgrade. That being said, they are still best in slot.

How to Obtain:

Blessed Divine gear can be purchased in Avernus now that the forge is unlocked. One piece will cost you 10,000 Zariel’s Favor and it will need to be upgraded with an item that costs an additional 12,000.

Alternatives: Lion’s Guard Raid Wristguards from TIC, Spiked Defender’s Vambraces from Juma bags in Vallenhas, Balor’s Bracers from the Herald of Yeenoghu hunt in Avernus.


Rusted Iron Leggings:

The Rusted Iron Leggings are a bit of a high risk, high reward item. While the 25% healing reduction sounds like a lot (and it is), the extra 5% damage bonus is well worth it. This bonus translates to ~17,000 Power’s worth of damage bonus when I’m full buffed. Unlike other items that give flat power the increase here is a percentage damage increase, meaning it’s value doesn’t decrease when we stack loads of power.

How to Obtain:

The Rusted Iron Leggings are a random drop from Juma bags in the Vallenhas zone.

Alternatives: Infernal Forged Shoes from the seal vendor.


Guiding Ring of the Sharp-Shooter:

This is where a large portion of our accuracy comes from, also it’s one of the few rings that has 2 Offense slots and Sniper’s Perk.

How to Obtain: Auction House!

Alternatives: Guiding Ring of the Spy from the Auction House, Silver Ring of the Herald from the Avernus Campaign.

Ebonized Raid Ring:

Another of the very few Sniper’s Perk rings with the 2 Offense slots. It’s stats aren’t as important as the Equip.

How to Obtain: Random drop from Undermountain content(ME’s and LoMM)

Alternatives: Nickel-plated Ring from the Auction House, Silver Ring of the Herald from Avernus.


Ebony Stained Shirt:

3% extra damage is a lot of power. Doing the math, 3% damage bonus is worth ~9,000 power at 200,000 Power and 10,000 power at 260,000. This along makes it worth it to use and maximize it’s Proc. Important note: There are a couple different versions of this item which all have different stats. The one in the picture is the Restoration piece which gives Crit and Combat Advantage, but there may be a better piece for you. Use the piece that has the right stats for your build.

How to Obtain: Any Undermountain instance has a chance to drop this. ME’s, LoMM, and weirdly occasionally TIC will drop Ebony gear. It’s random what piece you get.

Alternatives: Upper Pact Brands of the Inferno from t3 hunts in Avernus, Infernal Forged Shirt from the seal vendor.


Lower Pact Brands of the Blaze-bond:

Just like the Upper Pact Brands of the Inferno these give the highest amount of power from pants in the game as far as I am aware.

How to Obtain: 3 star hunt in Avernus.

Alternatives: Leggings of the Herald from the Citadel in Avernus, Velvet Pants +1 very cheap on the Auction House (excellent for alts).


Artifact Equipment Set:

There is some choice when it comes to which artifact set you use. The Mad Mage set will give you a higher overall damage output, but the Music Box set will give you higher spikes but lower over all damage output. I usually recommend using the Mad Mage set for the higher DPS, but if you don’t like having to sit still to maximize the use from this set the Music Box set is a good Alternative.

Necklace of the Mad Mage:
Belt of the Mad Mage:
Halaster’s Blast Scepter:
Note: Even if you choose to use the Music Box set you should try and have this artifact at Mythic since almost every ToMM or Zariel group will need someone to have one.

Storyteller’s Journal Set:

This is one of the only sets we can get from purely Artifacts, and not one Artifact and the necklace/belt combo. This alone makes it extremely valuable, but the set is also pretty good on it’s own. It’s set bonus does good damage, gives us extra maximum HP to help us hit the minimum for Zariel and ToMM, and it’s active artifact does even more damage. All this makes this set Best in Slot.

The set is currently for sale for a limited time on the Zen Store and I strongly recommend buying it while it’s still for sale. If you do not buy it from the Zen Store, the set comes from multiple events that each happen only once a year. I cannot stress how much of a pain in the ass it is to get this set if you do not purchase it, so if you plan to get this set keep this in mind.

Alternatives will be listed below.

These Tooltips are so long they don’t fit on the screen :/

Envenomed Storyteller’s Journal:
Frozen Storyteller’s Journal:
Flayed Storyteller’s Journal:

Artifact Alternative Setup:

Active Artifact:

Wyvern-Venom Coated Knives – +12% Damage taken on enemies hit by this Artifact, + A minor dot. Good as a party wide 12% damage buff to any enemies hit, and it’s good to have one at mythic even if you’re not using this setup.


Book of Vile Darkness – +3,000 Power, +1,500 Armor Penetration, +1,500 Deflection. Good Power and Armor Pen.

Sword of Zariel – +6,000 Maximum Hit Points, +3,000 Power, +1,500 Critical Strike.

And your Artifact Set Artifact. So if you’re using the Mad Mage Set that’s Halaster’s Blast Scepter.


Weapon and Armor Enchantments:

For Weapon Enchantments you basically have 2 choices. Vorpal is an amazing all around choice buffing our Critical Severity and makes a very good all around choice. Bilethorn will outperform Vorpal in Single Target damage and Boss fights by a decent margin, however it will lose ground in AoE situations or in quick engagements where things don’t have time to burn.

This means that Bilethorn is better by far for Epic Trails like ToMM and Zariel, but that Vorpal can find success in Epic Dungeons. This leaves the warlock with an interesting choice, to focus on Single Target damage or AoE (or to be like me and have both).

As for armor there’s only really one choice that makes sense. Barkshield is currently the only realistic choice seeing as most Warlocks will need the extra shield to survive mechanics in ToMM and Zariel.

Everything Else:

You will want to fill both Offense and Defense slots with Radiant Enchantments. This will give us the most Power and Maximum Hit Points possible. For Utility slots I recommend using Dark Enchantments. Dark Enchantments will give you a nice boost in stats, but you can swap these out for Enchantments that generate refinement points if you need it.

Other Gear Tips:

  • Remember Armor Kits! Power Armor Kits for your gear and Combat Advantage Jewels for your Jewelry (Necklace, Belt, and Rings) can all be made through professions or bought on the Auction House. They aren’t expensive and provide a pretty large bump in stats.
  • Juma Bags in Vallenhaus are an awesome way to gear alts or to get gear for your first character. Farm the big heroic encounters in the zone and insurgencies when you unlock them to buy bags quickly.
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