Mount Bolster and Why it’s Important:

Mount Bolster is a multiplier that affects how strong the benefits you receive from you mount are. Mythic mounts give 10%, Legendary gives 5%, Epic gives 3%, Rare gives 2%, you get the idea. This means that it’s very important for you to upgrade mounts to Mythic as soon as possible, since increasing your mount bolster increases the stats you get from your mount’s Equip Power and the magnitude or percentage increases from your mount’s Combat Power. Which mounts you upgrade does matter, and you want to prioritize the mounts that have the Combat or Equip Powers that you’re using.

Mount Bonuses:

Mount insignia bonuses are the least impactful they have been in a long time. I strongly recommend slotting at least one Gladiator’s Guile mount. Most people like running two. I would also strongly recommend running a Wanderer’s Fortune mount if you’re a new or gearing player to help feed you refinement. Other than that, we are primarily just looking to slot as many Dominance and Brutality insignias as possible. If you find yourself dying a lot Barbarian’s Revelry gives you some slight sustain outside of potions or health stones. Cavalry’s Warning synergizes very well with our standard rotation as Tunnel Vision is a huge part of our damage.


I am currently running:

7 x Brutality (1,120 Power, 480 Armor Penetration)

7 x Dominance (1,120 Power, 1.2% Companion Influence)

1 x Fortitude (4,480 Maximum Health, 480 Defense)

The idea here is to stack Brutality insignias until you’re at Armor Penetration cap. Once you’re capped, fill the rest with Dominance. Only slot Fortitude insignias if you need the extra health and defense in ToMM or Zariel, and I would only recommend using up to 4.

Additional Mounts to have:

You will need a mount with the Fortitude Equip Power for Zariel and ToMM. You can of course get away with running ToMM without this bonus if you’re extremely geared, but it’s a requirement to run Zariel’s Challenge no matter what. The best mount that I know of to get this bonus from is the Armored Bear from the Zen Store since this mount also comes with the Tunnel Vision Combat Power which I also recommend running. The High Forest Bear is an alternative to the Armored Bear which also has Tunnel Vision and Fortitude. Other options for the health bonus include the War Triceratops legendary mount and the Triceratops epic mount.

Other important mounts:

Swarm: At least one Swarm is a must have for ToMM or Zariel due to it’s incoming damage debuff Combat Power. It’s good to own one so if no one else in the party has one you can use it.

Any Tyrannosaur Mount: Just like Swarm one is needed in every party to run hard content optimally. King of Spines, Commander Tyrannosaur, and the Warpainted Tyrannosaur are some of the mounts that have this Combat Power.

Mount Collars:

Only one Mount Collar can be equipped from each category. This means that you can only have one Practical, Sturdy, Supportive, Unified, and one Wayfaring collar equipped at a time. Honestly I’m unsure if you can equip multiple Wayfaring collars for example, but I know for sure they will not stack so there’s no reason to do so. Below I will recommend what collars you should be using for each category.

Wayfaring: Wayfaring Barbed Collar: +5% Crit Severity (at max rank)

Unified: Unified Regal Collar: +5% Incoming Healing Bonus

Supportive: Supportive Regal Collar: 5% Outgoing Healing Bonus for heal mains and people who occasionally heal, Supportive Crescent Collar: 5% Stamina Gain for pure DPS players.

Sturdy: Sturdy Barbed Collar: +5% At-will Damage

Practical: This one is entirely personal choice. In my opinion, this collar is the least impactful no matter which you choose, seeing as the only options aren’t focused on combat.

Combat and Equip Powers:

As stated earlier, you’ll need a mount with Fortitude to hit the required Hit Point amount to run Zariel’s Challenge, and ToMM below a certain item level. This doesn’t mean that you’ll want to run Fortitude all the time however. Most of the time you want to be running a Dominant Force (+15,000 Power, +5,625 Combined Rating when at 100% bonus) Equip Power for the massive bump to power. For Combat Power, Tunnel Vision (A 3,000 Magnitude attack to a single target) does massive damage and is a very obtainable Combat Power. You are able to get more damage from a different Combat Power like Swarm or Tenser’s Floating Disk in certain situations, but Tunnel Vision is a very good all around choice.

If you’re all about getting the absolute maximum DPS out of your character swap in Swarm for boss fights, Tenser’s Floating Disk for trash clearing, and Tunnel Vision in certain circumstances. Also, keep in mind that Swarm will not stack. This means that if someone else in your party is already using Swarm you will for sure get better use out of Tunnel Vision.

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