Your race choice is very important in Neverwinter.

Every race can play any class, but some races do certain classes much better than others! Races get racial bonuses that can be very impactful, but I understand aesthetics matter to lots of people (me included). For this reason I’ll include some alternatives to the standard Best option.

Dragonborn (Metallic Ancestry):

The lizards are the Best option for almost all DPS classes because of their 3% damage bonus. Metallic Ancestry isn’t a huge upgrade for warlocks, but the extra 3% health is very helpful for getting your HP up to Zariel and ToMM standards. The additional 3% incoming healing is also great and shouldn’t be undervalued in harder content.

Ability Score Bonuses: + Dexterity, + Intelligence



Tieflings are a great alternative to dragonborn if you aren’t into the look of the stinky lizards. Their ability scores don’t really line up, but you can still get the important +Int bonus. Their racial bonus of up to 5% extra damage as a target’s health diminishes synergizes really well with Killing Flames and is a solid option for those who want to do more single target damage.

Ability Score Bonuses: + Charisma, + Intelligence

Half Orc:

Half Orc is the best alternative for those who aren’t into scales or tails and although, like the Tiefling their ability scores don’t entirely line up you can get very good use out of Half Orc’s 5% bonus to Crit Severity. The 10% bonus to movement speed is negligible and mostly ignored.

Ability Score Bonuses: + Dexterity, + Constitution

Sun Elf:

Sun Elf is easily the worst out of these three alternatives, but it is the best looking in my humble opinion. That being said, their ability score bonuses line up very well. Unfortunately, their racial abilities are mostly useless. The extra 2% AP generation and 10% control resistance is nice, but you will never notice either of these realistically. Such is the price of vanity.

Ability Score Bonuses: + Intelligence, + Dexterity

All Ability Score points should be put into Dex/Int:

As you level you get Ability Score Upgrade Points and all of these should be put into Dexterity and Intelligence. Dexterity contributes to our Crit Severity and is crucial for any DPS class, increasing the damage of our Critical Hits. Intelligence is important for Warlocks buffing our Magic Damage output.

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