Tower of the Mad Mage brings with it different mechanics and an overall different playstyle, which alters how some of our gear performs. For example, since we are always in combat with only one target the Helm of the Skyblazer which increases our Combat Advantage by 7% while in combat with only one enemy is better than the Goristro’s Horns. In this section I will go over what changes in ToMM, and how we can maximize our damage dealt in the Trial. Most of this information will apply to Zariel’s Challenge also, but since the phasing is different some slight adjustments can be made. I will update this further when I have done more testing.


Helm of the Skyblazer:

As stated above, we want to swap our helm for the Helm of the Skyblazer. The extra 7% Combat Advantage should translate directly to damage since we should have Combat Advantage basically through the whole trial.

Wasteland Wanderers:

Same idea here, we should always be near Halaster so we should always be getting the bonus to our Combat Advantage. Rusted Iron Leggings reducing our incoming healing is a large debuff for ToMM, where our incoming healing really makes a difference.

Note: Rusted Iron Leggings appear to be broken right now, so I am using Wasteland Wanderers all the time.


Artifact Set:

Lostmauth seems to underperform in ToMM and while I’m not really sure exactly why it’s doing so poorly here but well everywhere else in ToMM we have a perfect opportunity to use a better artifact set. ToMM is a great place to use the

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